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ITT/Mackey MSR 5050 HF Receiver (Working Condition!)
Macclenny, FL (32063)

K4GHT is selling a ITT/Mackey HF Radio Receiver which covers the broadcast band to 29.999Mhz. This is item number 59 from the radio estate sale. The radio appears to be fully operational. It may need a little Deoxit on the switch's and controls.

Hallicrafters SX-28 General Coverage Receiver ( Custom Restoration!) Macclenny, Florida
Macclenny, FL (32063)

K4GHT has for sale a Hallicrafters SX-28 general coverage receiver. This receiver is in working condition however the S-meter is not original and doesn't work as it should. The previous owner made several modifications to the tube lineup and the receiver has good stability and sensitivity on all bands. Great audio and calibration is close! This is one of my customized SX-28's, I've got two and since I picked up the SX-88 I no longer use this radio. The cabinet and trim have been sand blasted and powder coated. The item can be picked up or I can provide shipping via FedEx ground services